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Every InTown Home community is unique, yet all are built on

a shared foundation: to bring premier luxe design and

amenity-rich urban living within reach.


Bringing the Best Closer

InTown Homes assembles a visionary team of architects, builders and designers to develop distinct, design-driven communities in vibrant locations that enrich the lifestyles of our residents.

Luxury by Design

Through our timeless architecture, innovative "Smart Green Healthy" package and standard, upscale finishes, InTown Homes creates luxury designed around you, in homes that bring you closer to the best of your city.

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home automation system

With just a couple of taps on your smart phone, you can turn off lights, adjust the thermostat or close your garage door from anywhere.


commitment to the environment

Every home is an constructed with an engineered flooring system
Our homes are built with 2 x 6, 16 inch on center framing vs. 2 x 4 for most production-built homes
Thicker walls allow insulation rating to be R-19 as opposed to R-13
These extra steps solidify the structure and increase the energy efficiency of our homes.


in partnership with CertainTeed

Every home is constructed with Air Renew Drywall that removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air, while providing additional mold and moisture resistance.


Each of our homes undergo an extensive inspection process to ensure quality all the way from the foundation to the final finishing touches.

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Reputable & Growing with You

The principals of InTown Homes started building luxury homes in 1980 and have established a reputation as one of Texas’ premier home developers.

Corporate Office
2410 Polk St, Ste 200
Houston, TX 77003
United States

 Phone (713) 961-3877
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